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Inspiring the young with music

Suitable age group: 8 years of age and above

If you like brass instruments and enjoy listening to the low notes in music, the trombone is a great choice for you! This instrument plays such a beautiful low tone that it can be found in many styles of music including classical music, movie soundtracks, pop, funk, rock, jazz, and many more. Usually responsible for the lower notes in the band and played as an accompaniment, the trombone can also be used to perform the melody and take improvised solos on. The trombone is unique and different from most of the other brass instruments as it uses a slide to change notes.

At Da Capo Music Academy, every student is placed at the centre of a personalized, interactive and engaging learning experience. Supported by research-based pedagogies, developmentally appropriate practices and digital resources, our passionate educators at Da Capo Music Academy adopt a holistic approach when crafting individualized lessons. Meeting the learning goals of our students and contributing to their musical success and lifelong music-making are our top priorities.

Junior Academy

Suitable age group: 3 years to 8 years of age

The trombone is a beautiful, low-sounding brass instrument that can be found in many different styles of music. It’s similar to an oversized trumpet but instead uses slides for changing notes and playing melody at the same time! Learning to play trombone for young children has numerous benefits including cultivating discipline, developing self-confidence, strengthening the core muscles, and relieving stress.


Improves fine and gross motor skills

Improves dexterity and hand-eye coordination

Improved aural discrimination

Improved phonological awareness

Improved attention span and focus

Character building