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We believe that regardless of age and musical inclinations, every individual has their own unique pace of learning. Our highly dedicated music instructors are not only proficient at adapting and adjusting the pace of the music lessons according to the different abilities of the students, but also able to provide guidance for students to demonstrate their best of capabilities. Our unique course structures, we will help individuals build self-confidence, showmanship and important qualities that are more valuable than just a certificate.

Our teaching philosophy at Da Capo Music Academy is founded on our belief that all students have innate musical potential.

We provide a structured music education as well as performance opportunities to enable students to build a strong technical foundation and develop their own unique musical identities. We also offer students the opportunity to discover music in a fun environment where they can be free to explore, take risks and express their creativity.

All Da Capo Music Academy instructors are highly qualified and experienced. We are motivated by our mission and are enthusiastic in producing independent and passionate musicians, capable of performance and music making. Our instructors are trained to take special care to tailor lessons according to each student’s goals as a musician, and to guide each student to find his or her own distinct musical path.

We believe that music education has a direct correlation to the development of young minds. Studies have shown that much of the brain is utilized in the process of learning music, making it a valuable activity for developing academically, emotionally and physically.

Invaluable life-skills such as discipline, patience, focus and confidence can also be developed through the process of learning to play an instrument and engaging in music.

-Through an interactive and discovery-based learning environment, we nourish musical talent, develop technical ability and encourage the enjoyment of music.

– We use the latest technology, teaching resources and teaching methods to help you to progress.

– Your progress is important to us! If you face a problem while practising at home, just give us a call. If we can’t resolve the issue over the phone, we are happy to conduct a mini lesson over Skype or Facetime.

– All students who sign up for individual lessons are entitled to one“power-up” session each term. This gives you an additional lesson which you could use as a practice session, a theory intensive class, or an in-house workshop where you can learn a new musical skill. Bookings are to be made over the counter only and are subjected to availability.

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