Take the opportunity to learn less familiar instruments for a taster period at a specially discounted rate. To reinforce our students’ learning process and ensure a hassle-fre strat to our Taster Course, all practice equipment can be loaned home over a 3 weeks period at a minimal fee.


Each Taster is carefully structured to run over a period of 3 weeks.

An instrument aptitude report will be completed by unstructors after each instrumenttaster period (3 weeks).


1. What are the benets for learning music?
• Music promotes creative thinking, collaboration, social skills and expressive communication.
• It is a social activity that builds self-esteem and enhances condence.
• Music helps one stay mentally active, vibrant and sharp, while lowering stress.
• Music lessons improves discipline which in turn may enhance intelligence and academic achievement.

2. What’s special about our Taster Course?
• Our instructors uses a step-by-step approach that gets a student playing straight away.
• Our teaching material is carefully organized that students cover the major concepts, techniques and skills in just 3 lessons.
• Our teaching materials complies with the graded exam system of ABRSM and ROCKSCHOOL UK.

3. Is there an age limit for the taster course?
There is no age limit for the taster course. There’s no age limit for learning music too. There is a whole wealth of joyful, enlightening, self-developing experiences to be had by starting to learn right now and imagine where you’ll be in another ve or ten years time – wowing audiences, inspiring your kids, teaching others and passing on your knowledge and skills. Once you’ve started to learn an instrument, you can take it in whichever direction your heart desires.

4. Who are the teachers?
Our faculties are mostly degree and master degree graduates, ranging to professional musicians. Our instructors have undergone an extensive interview process consisting of reference checks, face-to-face meetings and an audition to ensure that instructors not only have performing abilities, but are also nurturing and imaginative educators.

5. Is there a minimum age requirement to start formal music lessons?
There is no minimum age requirement; Kids can start formal instrumental training as early as age 3, when brain circuits for learning music mature. However, it is important to remember that the best age for your child to begin lessons depends on your child’s attention span and musical aptitude. In fact, research has shown that taking music lessons at age 3 can increase your child’s brainpower, musical intelligence, and develop better discipline and ne motor skills than their peers.