1. We offer drum and percussion courses for all skill levels. Our courses focuses on the key elements of drum instruction, from hand-foot coordination to proper stick placement.
  • All ages
Course Duration: 1 year
Lesson details:
  • Class size: Individual or Group of 2 – 4
  • Duration: 30, 45 or 60 minutes
Course Content:
  • Basic music rudiments and musical terms
  • Ability in reading musical notes fluently
  • Basic drumming concepts
  • Mastering single beat Combinations
  • Proper techniques and posture in drumming
  • Progressive exercises for stick control, footwork and co-ordination
  • Various rhythm styles and variations
  • Ideas for drum fill-ins
  • Drum rudiments for stylised techniques and versatility
  • Wide repertoire and Pop, Rock, Latin to other contemporary styles using back-up tracks

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