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Piano lessons: The Key ingredient to a calm mind and happiness?

Have you ever wondered how a concert pianist performs an evocative stirring piece of music? To have that visceral feeling of excitement and anguish as a member of the audience only to be left wanting more when the last note is played? Music is fleeting and ethereal; an intangible substance that transcends the rational.

Learning music at a young age can help a child be in control of his/her inner self and learn useful life skills along the way. And what better instrument to start with than the piano? With a history of over 300 years, the piano is still relevant in today’s world.

Piano lessons help children calm their minds, which in turn leads to an increased level of concentration. When a child sits down and takes the time to learn a piece of music, he/she is training oneself to be patient and to have clarity of thought, which in turn teaches them to manage their outbursts of energy. The benefits of acquiring such skills will help a child achieve success in other areas of life, even into adulthood. Also, the practice and repetition that comes with piano lessons also aids in cognitive development by improving hand-eye coordination and memory retention, allowing children to have better focus.

The increased levels of concentration achieved during piano lessons bring about happiness in children by allowing them to accomplish small goals. When a child goes for piano lessons, they first learn the basics of the instrument and set small goals to overcome. With dedication and practice, they become more able to focus for longer periods of time, allowing them to realize their goals. When small goals are met over and over again, they are eventually able to perform pieces of music for their grade exams or even just in front of family and friends. The satisfaction from accomplishing these goals help boost a child’s confidence and overall level of happiness.

Piano lessons for children not only teach children the craft of an instrument, but they also help protect a child’s physical health. The consistent use of the muscles in the hands during piano playing can help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Playing the piano also promotes healthy aging by increasing the resilience of the brain and reducing the likelihood of dementia.

The benefits of pianos lessons are many, so what are you waiting for? Get your child enrolled for piano lessons today!

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