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Piano Lessons For Children – 5 Hidden Benefits

Perhaps the greatest gift of learning music is also the one we’ve known the longest–the naturally uplifting effect it has on one’s spirit. We believe the benefits of piano lessons Singapore for children go far beyond a greater appreciation for the music and acquisition of a new skill;and with that, here are 5 hidden benefits children acquire from learning to tickle the ivories.

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  1. Cognitive Skills

Numerous studies available show that children who play an instrument score higher on both standard and spatial cognitive development tests. Previous research on musicians also showed that learning music enhancesour brain’s response to soundsas a result of the sharpened auditory perception and auditory communication skills.

Even if you do not continue pursuing music in the future, learning how to play an instrument in our youth can continue to boost our cognitive abilities later in life. In fact, researchers probing the inner workings of the brain have found neural firing patterns that starkly suggest that music may just be the key to higher brain function.


  1. Concentration & Focus

Having to multitask the reading of scales off a sheet whilst executing the musical notes with both hands, these piano lessons Singapore for children demand a high level of concentration. Reading a sheet of music takes a great deal of attention and focus, having to interpret every note and rhythm before seamlessly transitioning into the corresponding hand movements. Additionally, the reading and playing of music allows children to think both critically and creatively – a skill that will prove invaluable in assisting them in anydecision they might choose to undertake in the future.


  1. Dexterity & Motor Skills

Piano lessons for kids are a great way to strengthen a child’s eye-hand coordination and hone their dexterity as well as motor skills. While increased eye-hand coordination is almost a given for children that learn to play the piano, its benefits definitely stretch far wider.

Piano lessons Singapore for children

  1. Self Esteem

Learning to play the piano is hard work and takes dedication, and kids who take piano lessons learn a lot about discipline, dedication and the need to work hard to harvest the fruit of their labour.With each passing week and each new song mastered, it builds a child’s confidence in both himself and in his abilities. Opportunities to showcase their newly learnt pieces at piano recitals can also contribute to boosting their confidence and self-esteem just about as much as winning a game in a sports competition.


  1. Stress Relief

Amid the melodious tunes that reverberate through the house, playing the piano can actually help to alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety and worry that typically elicit a physical response in the body – a fight-or-flight reaction. People of all ages – not just children – who play music tend to hone a greater degree of patience and propensity for relaxation.

kids piano lessons Singapore

With scores of music lessons in Singapore, even if your child does not have an obvious musical bone in their body, there is no doubt that piano lessons for kids bear a reward singularly unique in this regard.

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