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Online piano lessons are not only effective, they can also be a lot of fun.

You may have heard that Online piano lessons don’t work and that you’re better off learning in person. But we know from experience that this is simply not true! We’ve helped our students learn to play the piano with our proven method, and now it’s your turn!

Effective online lessons

Da Capo Music Academy offers online piano lessons that are fun, effective and affordable. We offer expert instruction for the piano and instruments, including the guitar, violin, ukulele, voice, drum, trumpet, saxophone, and many more over Zoom. Our teachers work one-on-one with each student using state-of-the-art recording studio equipment, ensuring clear and high-quality sound. Our instructors are also equipped with multiple HD webcams to show multiple angles while demonstrating on the instrument live-streamed lesson. This ensures that both teacher and the students can see and hear each other clearly, just like how our instructor would conduct a face to face lesson. Our online lessons also give you access to our entire library of fun interactive learning tools so you can stay motivated while improving your skills at home or on the go!

Online piano lessons can be both effective and interactive too. Be part of the online music learning community today.
Structured Curriculum

The Internet has made music education accessible to everyone, but not all online lessons are supported by research-based methods, age-appropriate practices and digital resources. Most of them are unstructured and ineffective because they lack personal attention from an experienced professional instructor who can help students overcome the challenges of learning how to play the instrument online. We use the same proven methods in our offline music school, which means you get top quality instruction from experienced teachers who will help you reach your goals faster than ever before. Our lesson plans are designed by our team of music educators at Da Capo Music Academy – ensuring that every lesson counts! Whether your goal is simply playing for a hobby or to attain instrumental mastery.

Interactive and Innovative approach

Da Capo Music Academy has been providing highly interactive and engaging music lessons to students of all ages for close to 10 years. Our program combines the best elements of traditional private instruction with the convenience, accessibility and affordability of online learning. Furthermore, we have integrated digital resources and technology-based practices into our lessons and music programme planning. With our innovative approach to teaching music via live video sessions combined with our digital resources to enhance lesson delivery, students can learn at their own pace while benefiting from ongoing support provided by their instructor throughout each lesson session. 

Da Capo Music Academy is the first music academy in Singapore to establish an interactive smart music classroom. We provide an Enhanced Learning Experience (ELE) by incorporating smart learning technology in our curriculum to make music learning personalised, interactive, and engaging. Our intelligent learning environment aims to make learning music fun by encouraging students to become self-directed and motivated learners through technology.

Da Capo Music Academy offers the best of both worlds – all of the convenience and flexibility that comes with learning from home without sacrificing quality or instruction. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, we’ll help you become a great musician quickly and easily with our step by step approach. Our unique teaching methods will make sure you stay motivated throughout your entire journey and provide all necessary tools for practice at home. Contact us today for a complimentary trial session.

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