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Music Lessons Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the courses suitable for me with zero music knowledge?

    Definitely! Our music courses are suitable for everyone, even those with no previous musical experience! The highly qualified instructors at our school will be able to adapt to your needs and start from the basics if necessary.

  • Who are your instructors?

    Our instructors are all professional musicians with experience in teaching as well as performing and are well equipped to help our students reach their musical goals.

  • How long will it take me to play an instrument?

    It usually takes students 6 months to 1 year to learn the basics and to be able to play simple tunes. Nonetheless, if you are persistent and stay on top of your practice schedule, you can do the same in less time!

  • Why can't I find or book your lesson online?

    To get the most up-to-date information about our available lesson schedules and timings, we recommend calling or messaging our school directly via phone or Whatsapp.

  • Do I need to buy/own an instrument for the music course?

    The school provides a wide variety of instruments for students to use and try during the trial lessons. Students are also strongly encouraged to purchase their own instruments for their own practice and hygiene.

  • Do I need to have any musical background?

    We offer music courses that are tailored to both advancing and beginning musicians. Prior music knowledge is not necessary.

  • I already have some prior musical background. Can I skip the beginning stages?

    Definitely. Let our instructors know what your musical background is and what you are hoping to accomplish in the future during your trial lesson. We will be happy to adjust the lessons to suit your needs.

  • What if I am too slow or too fast in the class?

    Not to worry, since most of our lessons are individually-based, you can simply notify your instructor to adjust the pace of the lesson to suit your needs.

  • What is the average age group of the students in your school?

    We have students ranging from toddlers up to seniors over 80 years of age!

Scheduling Concerns

  • Do you conduct individual lessons?

    Yes, we do conduct individual lessons to cater to individuals who prefer to have more personalised and customisable lessons.

  • When enrolling for group classes, can I indicate the days and times that I would prefer to have my lesson on?

    Let us know if you have a preference for a day or time and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

  • Do you conduct lessons on weekends and Public Holidays?

    Lessons are conducted on weekends, but not on public holidays. Classes are scheduled according to the school calendar and no lessons are held on public holidays.

  • What if I am unable to attend my lessons for a period due to work or personal reasons?

    It is important to inform our staff at the school of the period of time you are unable to attend the lessons and the reason for that absence as well. Our team will do a review of your case to determine whether your lessons can be placed on hold.

  • Do I have to place any deposit or pay any registration/material fees?

    Our music courses require a non-refundable registration fee of $50 to cover administrative costs. A refundable deposit of a month’s fee will also be collected. This will be used as a float to cover any grade exam fees and any books that you may have bought at our school. To receive your deposit back, please let us know one month in advance that you intend to terminate the lessons. During this period, you will need to continue to attend your lessons as scheduled. Failure to give sufficient notice may result in us forfeiting your deposit.

  • How often should I pay my course fees?

    Course fees are typically due at the beginning of every month or term, within two weeks of the invoice date. Penalties may apply for late payments.

  • Do you conduct specialised courses for companies, social groups or even schools?

    Yes, we conduct specialised courses and have recital spaces community clubs where we host performing opportunities for our students

  • What happens after I complete one of your courses?

    Students who complete their respective course will receive a Certificate of Completion for that course. Those students who show potential will be given opportunities to join our school’s performing group, as well as to become demo singers for local songwriters and musicians. Check out our Performance Videos to find out more about our Performers!

  • Do students go through examinations?

    Here at our school, there is no requirement to take examinations. Those who wish to sit for examinations will have the option of choosing either ABRSM, Trinity, or Rock School syllabus. Students can speak with their respective instructors for further information about the exams.

  • I don't know how long my child's interest will be sustained so i don't wish to invest in an instrument yet. what's the cheapest instrument i can get?

    Good quality instruments encourage students to practice and maintain their interest. Your child may be discouraged in the long run by a cheap instrument that doesn’t stay in tune as well as an array of other issues.

  • Are there any replacement classes for lessons missed by students?

    Lessons missed without a minimum of 48 hours’ notice will not be made up. In the event your instructor misses a lesson, we will schedule a replacement.

  • What should i do if i want to terminate the course?

    Do notify the school 1 month in advance for the termination of any lessons. Do note that students will have to continue to attend lessons regularly during this 1-month period. The school reserves the right to forfeit the refundable deposit if given insufficient notice.

  • Are there any performing opportunities for my child?

    Yes, we partner with Steinway to provide our students with the opportunity to perform at the Steinway Recital Halls. Due to covid restrictions, we only allow a limited number of parents to attend the performances at the moment. But not to worry as these performances will also be livestreamed!

  • Can we rent equipment for my kids to try out?

    Yes, we do allow rental of instruments for students of all ages.

  • Do you offer Trial lessons?

    We offer 30-minute trial lessons if you’re interested.