At Da Capo Music Academy, we aim to allow every student to be exposed to the:

Diversity world of music with the aid of experienced instructors who will train students to have good
Creativity of every individual is honed by encouraging them to be
Adventurous, have a
Positive mindset and stay
Open-hearted throughout the journey of learning music.

Yee Ki

Clarinet/Piano Instructor

Yee Ki completed her Diploma in Music at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in May 2015. She has been involved in various groups like Kids Philharmonic..

Andre Chia

Trumpet Instructor

Andre picked up the trumpet during his Secondary School and Junior College, Andre continued his passion for music by joining the Singapore Armed Forces Band…

Sarah Chong

Piano Instructor

Sarah Chong started piano lessons at the age of 3 and was a part of the NAFA Young Talents by the age of 9..

Shawn Koh

Guitar Instructor

Shawn is currently studying in LASELLE College of the Arts in Diploma in Music Performance, electric guitar as his major. Shawn knows basic music theory like chord harmonies and scales.

Crystal Lin

Vocal/Flute Instructor

Crystal graduated with a Bachelors in Music with Honours at the Royal College of Music, London (NAFA), with flute as her principal instrument

Chua Chun Leng

Drum/Percussionist Instructor

Chun Leng is a drum instructor with 9 years of experience in the field of teaching. He has taught in many music schools in Singapore..


Violin Instuctor

Anita had attained her Grade 8 Violin Practical Exam. She has been teaching full-time since 2012.

Wen Long

Violin Instructor

Wen Long is an accomplished violinist who has been learning violin since 2003. He seeks a position with both an orchestra..

Jason Ng

Vocal Instructor

Jason Ng Song Jun competed his Diploma in London College of Music. He teaches pop vocals, foundations and techniques..

Calvin Ang

Saxophone Instructor

Calvin Ang is a local saxophonist who has been playing the saxophone for nearly 20 years. He started learning saxophone..