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Piano or Keyboard which is better to learn for beginner?
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It’s a question that has plagued mankind for centuries: which is better, the keyboard(digital pianos) or the piano (acoustic pianos)? Both instruments have their pros and cons, and the debate…

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bad habits freepik
10 bad drumming habits and how to fix them
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What can you do if you are a drummer who struggles with some bad drumming habits that you lack the knowledge about how to solve? There are many things that…

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Piano Teacher in Singapore
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Among all the curriculums offered to children in Singapore today, piano lessons are one of the most popular ones. It is common for parents to spend some time researching kids…

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flute lessons singapore
Flute lessons singapore
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Singapore is a country with lots of culture, fine arts and diversity. One of the many art forms that can be found here is music. Music education is important for…

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Singing singapore
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Singing singapore lessons for adults and children Are you the one who like to sing in the shower or do you have a little one who loves to sing? Learning…

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How to choose the best music schools in Singapore
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Are you thinking of enrolling your child in the best music schools in singapore? If so, there are a few things to consider. The first decision you’ll need to make…

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Drumming lessons singapore
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Drumming lessons singapore – Is learning to Play Drums Hard? Do you want to learn to play the drums? Playing the drums can be a fun and challenging activity. It…

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drums lessons for beginners
How to play drum?
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If you’re reading this, it means one of two things: either you have a burning desire to learn how to play the drums, or your child has asked (for the…

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Learn to play saxophone for beginners: Saxophone lessons Singapore
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I’ve always love jazz music and wanted to play the saxophone singapore. Ever since I was a kid, I thought it would be so cool to be able to make…

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guitar lessons singapore
What to look for when choosing a guitar teacher?
560 374 da admin

Are you thinking of getting your child started in acoustic guitar, bass guitar or electric guitar lessons? If so, you may be wondering what to look for when choosing a…

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piano lessons for beginners
Piano Lessons for Beginners 2022
560 373 da admin

How to Get Started Learning the Piano Are you interested to play classical music or pop music and love the soothing soft sound of the piano and are curious of…

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Piano Lessons For Children – 5 hidden benefits
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Piano Lessons For Children Perhaps the greatest gift of learning music is also the one we’ve known the longest–the naturally uplifting effect it has on one’s spirit. We believe the…

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Kids violin Lessons Singapore – How Parents can Better Prepare their Young
400 267 da admin

Kids Violin Lessons singapore Through experience from some good experienced violin teacher, they advise parents not to sign up for violin lessons for children also known as fiddle before the…

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Music lessons 2022 – Is it beneficial to start it young?
400 305 da admin

Musical experience at an early age is extremely important in a child’s developmental process. Informal activities with music should start soon after birth, followed by more systematic classes around age…

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The History of the violin – 3 of The Most Popular Violinist
400 281 da admin

The history of the violin Let us go deep in and find out what is the history of the violin and who are the famous people using the violin. The…

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History of Violin – what should you know about them?
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With a rich history of violin of over 400 years, the origin of the history of violin can be traced way back to the 9th century when instruments from other…

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Benefits of piano lessons for children
400 266 da admin

Benefits of piano lessons for children – The Key ingredient to a calm mind and happiness? Have you ever wondered how a concert pianist performs an evocative stirring piece of…

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trumpet lessons singapore
Trumpet lessons singapore – What are the benefits?
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Trumpet Lessons Singapore The trumpets is a unique member of the brass family with several interesting features about it that makes it desirable to learn. Some of these aspects of…

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Music lessons singapore – instruments for aged 5 and below
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Music lessons singapore – Easiest instrument to learn for a child When enrolling for music lessons singapore, it is common for parents to wonder what is the easiest instrument to…

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piano lessons for children
Children’s piano lessons – for 3 year olds
1024 682 da admin

Children’s piano lessons – is it too young to start for 3 years old? Is my child too young for piano lessons? This is a common question parents have when…

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Online piano lessons singapore
800 534 da admin

Online piano lessons singapore are not only effective, they can also be a lot of fun You may have heard that online piano lessons singapore don’t work and that you’re…

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Music Lessons Singapore
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Music Lessons Singapore – What parents need to know when deciding on a music school for your child Hearing the sound of your child’s voice singing is a special moment…

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Drums lessons for beginners – where to play drums?
1024 682 da admin

Drums lessons for beginners If you’re a musician, or a beginner who wishes to pick up the drum sticks, learning how to play the drum is a must. And if…

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Ukulele Lessons Singapore
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What is Ukulele? The ukulele is a small four-stringed instrument that originated from Hawaii. It’s become increasingly popular as a children’s first musical instrument, especially with the rise of new…

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guitar ukulele lessons singapore
Guitar Ukulele Lessons Singapore – which to choose?
736 414 da admin

In this article, we’ll discuss whether the guitar or ukulele would be a better instrument for you to learn first. Musical instruments Musical instruments can have a universal effect, whether…

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Drums lessons for Beginners – Drum Techniques
1024 616 da admin

Drums are one of the oldest instruments in the world, and they’re still popular today for their unique sound and ability to create a groove. In this post, we’ll teach…

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