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Children’s piano lessons – for 3 year olds

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Children’s piano lessons – is it too young to start for 3 years old?

Is my child too young for piano lessons? This is a common question parents have when deciding whether to send their 3-year-old child for lessons. Although there is some truth in the statement that music instrumental lessons are not suitable for 3-year-old children, it has more to do with each child’s emotional maturity than simply their age alone. So, would it be too early to start Children’s piano lessons of 3 year olds?


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Music instrumental lessons at such a young age are also more geared towards the introduction of music for children instead of teaching them to play an instrument. The truth is, when lesson are focused on creating an environment where children can forge a meaningful relationship with music, there is no such thing as too early an age for musical education.

Children’s piano lessons for 3 year olds are beneficial when lesson are focused on creating a meaningful musical experience for them. Music lessons at this age are not necessarily very formal. The focus of lesson at this age is to help your child with simple movement activities, to sway and dance along to music.

This is to help introduce the concept of rhythm and build your child’s foundation in music in a fun way. This can also be done in the comfort of your homes by simply playing some toddler music and having dance sessions. Ultimately, as long as the piano lessons for children introduces music to your child in a manner that allows your child to have fun.


Children’s piano lessons will not be suitable when your child are made to learn a particular instrument that they are not interested in or if they are physically ready to. Young children at the tender age of 3 tend to lack the emotional maturity to sit still and focus, which is necessary when attempting to learn any instrument.

Furthermore, as some of these instruments are quite large in size, young children may not be able to manage the instrument especially if they have to pick it up to play. This is the reason why we would recommend Piano lesson for 3 year olds as they do not have to struggle with holding up the instrument and they will be ready to start if your are able to comfortably place their fingers on five adjacent white keys.

Music lessons at any age improve a child’s neural capacity and encourage brain development. These benefits are most prominent between the ages 2-9, which is normally considered the best window to begin music lessons. Whatever age you decide to start your child’s music lessons, it is important to ensure that they have fun while learning as this cultivates their love for music.

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